Top 5 Strategies to Prevent Osteoporosis, Falls, and Joint Pain

Top 5 Strategies to Prevent Falls, Osteoporosis, and Bone Loss

Osteoporosis affects over 10.2 million older adults. And nearly 44% of older adults have low bone mass prevalence. The risk of fractures, falls, joint pain, as well as morbidity and mortality greatly increase with poor bone density.


So what can do you and your loved ones do NOW to prevent bone loss?


Start with these Top 5 strategies to prevent falls, osteoporosis, and bone loss.


1. Remove Bone Saboteurs


High acid food and drinks including processed sugars and carbohydrates break down bone more rapidly. There also certain medications that increase bone loss. *Please consult your doctor or practitioner before changing your medications.* These include the following:


*Coffee, Alcohol, soft drinks, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, refined sugars, heavy metals, loop diuretics, PPIs (antacids)


2. Know your Risk


 There is increased risk of osteoporosis for the following:
*older age
*thin frame
*asian or white race
* Rheumatoid Arthritis
* type 1 diabetes
* premature menopause.
3. Exercise


– A sedentary or inactive lifestyle greatly impacts bone loss.  When bedridden,  bone mineral loss occurs up to 1% per week.


– You can GAIN bone mineral density with weight bearing exercise 1-3%/year. This includes walking, strengthening, upright movements and pain-free exercises.


4. Sleep


-The ideal range of sleep is 6-8 hrs. A longer duration of sleep (>8 hrs) has increased risk of osteoporosis and falls. Not enough sleep does not allow for growth hormone and bone building.


5. Nutrition


-Choose from a high mix of organic fruits and veggies (7-13/day). Incorporate omega fat rich foods like fish (not tuna which can be high in mercury), grass fed dairy, chia and flax seeds, nuts, avocado


-Choose gluten- free, whole foods that improve gut health and digestion. Choose anti-inflammatory foods and avoid processed, refined sugars that break down the gut and bone and can increase pain.

Not sure where to start or how you can help a loved one with increased risk of osteoporosis?

Call us for a free consult for physical therapy, falls prevention, or functional medicine support.
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