My Story

My name is Erin Hazelbaker and I love being a part of the Victress team in Cincinnati!

A little about me: I’m a proud graduate of Chaminade-Julienne, University of Dayton and University of Cincinnati where I received my Masters in Physical Therapy.

Just like Dr. Lisa, I was a collegiate volleyball player. This shaped my focus on physical therapy and now, as a functional medicine practitioner. College volleyball allowed me to draw on the focus that was required in intense, hours-long practices and shift it to the mindset required in functional medicine and physical therapy.

I have practiced physical therapy since 2007 and soon after, married my college sweetheart. Along the way, I was able to have a renewal and resurgence in my faith (thanks in large part to the help of Dr. Lisa!). My prayer was to determine the path that Christ desired. And now we have 4 children that attend St. Igantius of Loyola school where I am active in the parish as a Mom’s Ministry leader.

Physical therapy and functional medicine work are quite complementary. Coaching and encouragement are as much a part of the treatment as diet, lifestyle changes, and clinical testing. I also love how, as a practitioner, I am able to help families bring their faith and spiritual preparation into their pain, disability, and suffering.

My passions are able to unite finally in this line of work. My mission is to serve Christian women by empowering them to have their best health!