Ground Rules

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Hey there mamas!


You guys, before we go any further, I always like to take a moment to be sure we are on the same page. If you are taking this course, you know our job as Christians is to put Christ above all else in our hearts. 


To be devoted


And you might be nodding your head and saying “yes”, but follow along with me here. 


So many times as humans we feel an ache inside of us, and we can’t figure out why we have it. We try to fill it with many things or people: with animals, with a job or career change, even with marriage, or pregnancy and children. And each time that ache persists. It might be pushed aside for a while, and we feel better but then it creeps BACK IN. And then the cycle begins again.


You know, if you are being honest with yourself, i bet you can see that cycle many times throughout your life. And I truly can as well. 


“If i just switch jobs, I’ll feel fulfilled and happier.” 

“If I have a dog and a house…”

“Once I get married…” 

“Once I have a baby…”


And on and on…


And so I bring this up right now because honestly, if we try to fill that ache with anything other than the love of Christ, we will find ourselves disappointed (to say the least). 


My job is to help you have Your BEST Christian Childbirth and if you are finding yourself trying to fill your ache with other than the love of Christ, you may still have a great experience, but your expectations of filling that ache with your baby can’t be met entirely by that baby! Just like your husband can’t fill the ache and neither can your job or your dog or your children. Your ache will persist or come back. 


So again, we look to Christ. We fill our ache with Christ and have a devotion to Him. Our marriage, our relationship with our children and our family, our work-life, etc, all will be more fulfilled with God as our center. I love this quote from St. Augustine: “our hearts are restless until they rest in you”


What, then, can we DO to bring that back? To refocus ourselves on the Lord.


I think back on times when I have felt the ache again and am feeling unfulfilled in my life or just uneasy, and I realize that my relationship with the Lord has been suffering. So the steps that I will take are usually to take some time out to get to confession, to go to adoration, to rekindle my prayer life and dedicate some time to the scriptures and lectio divina. 


It’s important that you come up with your own plan. What works for you and your relationship with Jesus? 


Remember, we are HUMAN and it’s natural to have times when we fall and I know for me and many of the moms that I work with, this especially comes during times of stress or SLEEPLESSNESS.  So let’s work on this now just in case you slip up during those fatiguing 3rd trimester nights or sleepless postpartum weeks. 


What is your action plan for rekindling your devotion to Christ