Welcome to The Joyful Birth Project! Please watch the video then move on to the next lesson.

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Welcome to the Joyful Birth Project!


I am so excited to be bringing you closer to a Christ-Centered Childbirth! My hope is that you find the tools that we present to be both enlightening and inspiring. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, no matter what you have planned for your birth, we will walk with you, help you to armour yourself with the Word of God, and create a “toolbox” to draw on during your labor and into postpartum.


Let’s get started!


My name is Erin Hazelbaker, I am a parishioner at St. Ignatius in Cincinnati Ohio, wife, mom to 4, Physical Therapist, and certified doula. My passion for helping women through childbirth decisions started with my first birth and has progressed with my own spiritual journey, lots of research and experience as well as doula training. The best part is that my physical therapy education goes hand-in-hand with doula work and education! It feels like this is my life’s work!


Now, on to you. I invite you to focus on what you feel is YOUR purpose for being here while working through these modules and handouts. Is God calling you to have a more spiritual birth or to prepare in a different way than in the past? Are you hoping for a different outcome than a previous birth? Are you not really sure what to expect but praying for a better birth experience than some of your friends/family? Whatever your goals, I pray you will deepen your relationship to Christ with each step of the process. 


When you are ready, I invite you to work through the lessons in each module at your own pace. If you are close to your due date, you will obviously need to cruise through them faster than if you are in your 1st trimester. You can expect there to be about 6 to 8 lessons within each module and it’s best to work through them in the order that I have laid out for you. Feel free to go back into a previous module or lesson at any time that you need a refresher. 


You will also notice that we will be using scripture passages during each lesson. Please grab a Bible and get ready to dig in! We will learn a little more about how to read and study scripture as we go forward. We will use an ancient scripture study method called Lectio Divina. If you need ideas for great study bible, I use this one. It’s the New American Bible Revised Edition and it’s specifically called the Catholic Youth Bible. I love it because before each book, there is an in depth section which describes what we know historically about that particular book. Also, there’s just some great reflection questions and thoughts throughout the entire Bible.


If you have questions or concerns at any time, please feel free to email me! I’m so excited for you and your journey and I’m honored that you’ve chosen me to help you on your way!


Let’s start with this scripture passage John 14: 25-27