We serve YOU by resolving pain, restoring body image, and re-energizing movement through healing of the body and the soul WITHOUT pain medications, surgery, or injections

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy can help treat and prevent a wide range of injuries. It is a natural, hands-on approach to treating neuromuscular and musculoskeletal injuries. Dr. Marino specializes in manual therapy and therapeutic exercise in order to heal…

chronic pain

sports-related injuries


trauma from motor vehicle accident

neck pain

knee and foot pain

ankle pain

shoulder pain

low back pain

overuse injuries

obesity and joint-related pain

work-related injuries




How does it work?

1 Schedule Evaluation

Call (937) 232-5237 or use our interactive calendar to set up your initial evaluation

2 Receive Treatment

Our therapists will spend 30-60 minutes with you using hands- on therapy techniques as well as postural and muscle engagement exercises

3 Perform Home Routine

Use your very own interactive home exercise app, PtEverywhere, to make lasting changes to the habits and movements that are causing your pain or dysfunction

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Dr. Lisa Marino is a licensed physical therapist in the State of Ohio. Dr. Marino earned her doctorate in physical therapy from The Ohio State University in 2016.


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