Ep 6: Conquering Our Womanly Weaknesses with Sr. M. Isabel

“She cannot do anything else, by virtue of her mission, than lead us finally to the heart of God the Father.” – Fr. Joseph Kentenich on Mary

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Show Notes

*This show is for educational purposes only, not for the treatment of conditions. You should always consult your physician or healthcare provider before making changes to your health.

On Overcoming our Weaknesses, Fr. Joseph Kentenich

  1. Not to be surprised
  2. Not to be confused
  3. Not to be disappointed
  4. Not to get used to it

On Overcoming our Attachment to Things

  1. Govern them
  2. Enjoy (in moderation)
  3. Use appropriately
  4. Renounce

Everyday Sanctity- Nailis, Sr. M. Annette (Waukesha, 1998)

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