Ep 10: Stubborn Weight Gain: Why can’t I lose the weight and keep it off?

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Show Notes

*This show is for educational purposes only, not for the treatment of conditions. You should always consult your physician or healthcare provider before making changes to your health.

Why can’t I lose the weight and keep it off?

THANK YOU to Our Lead Functional Medicine Expert:

Erin Hazelbaker 

More information on Fasting: https://victresshealth.com/podcasts/ep5geniusoffasting/

  1. Gut Health!
    1. Cruciferous Vegetables – broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, bok choy, arugula, etc
  2. Lower carb content
    1. remove extra sugar and processed foods
    2. Fasting window
      1. be sure to increase protein and healthy fat intake
  3. Reduce your stress!
  4. Cut out the Guesswork! What diet, testing, plan do I need specifically?
  5. PRAY and MEDITATE daily!
    1. address your emotions
  6. Be virtuous:
    1. Work towards temperance to avoid gluttony

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