ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

Find out how much your business could save with Victress Health And Wellness LLC.

Direct Primary Care Physical/Occupational Therapy
Food & Beverage Producer

Over 20% of treatments conducted by our Elite Providers among the food and beverage industry are related to shoulder pain and injury.

Metals & Construction Manufacturing

Employees in the metals and construction manufacturing industry most commonly experience shoulder, neck, and lower back issues. It’s estimated that those cases may cost companies over $58,030 per occurrence.

Wood & Chemicals Manufacturing

Employees in the wood and chemicals manufacturing industry most commonly experience shoulder and lower back issues.


Employees in the wholesale industry commonly experience lower back issues. Each of these cases are estimated to cost your company about $17,583.


The retail industry is tough on the lower back. Almost 18% of treatments conducted by our Elite Providers among retail employees have addressed lower back issues.


Employees in the construction industry most commonly experience neck issues. On average employers see 11 workers’ comp claims per year related to neck discomfort.


Day-to-day tasks of transportation employees wear down shoulders. In fact, 17% of all treatments logged by Victress Health And Wellness LLC Providers among the transportation industry have addressed shoulder issues.

Professional Services

Working frequently at a desk takes a toll on the body. Of the treatments Victress has addressed for Professional Services, almost 19% are lower-back related issues.

Other Industries

All industries produce joint and soft tissue issues. Most commonly seen are shoulder, neck, and lower back issues.

  • Monthly Victress PT/OT cost
    Estimated Monthly cost *12
  • Monthly Victress DPC Cost
    Estimated Monthly cost *12
  • Annual estimated PT/OT savings
    Based on figures reported by the Office of Workers’ Compensation.
  • Annual estimated DPC Savings
    Based on this study by The American Journal of Managed Care
  • Annual Estimated Savings (DPC plus PT/OT)
    Based on the average workers’ compensation savings minus the annual Victress onsite program cost.
  • Estimated Return on Investment
    Most Victress clients experience an ROI in cost reduction of 2-4x the cost of the Victress program, with many reporting returns of 8-10x or higher.

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