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What Do We Do?

Direct Primary Care

Protecting Medical Freedom. Advocating for Your Family’s Values. Upholding the Sanctity of Life. Healing Body, Mind, and Soul

Functional Medicine

We serve women and families by resolving autoimmunity and mental health illnesses through individualized treatment and healing of the body and the soul

Physical Therapy

We serve YOU by resolving pain, restoring body image, and re-energizing movement through healing of the body and the soul WITHOUT pain medications, surgery, or injections

Employee Health

Your team deserves the same innovation  you expect from your industry: high-quality care and lower costs. We love helping you build your dream wellness program with happy, healthy employees!

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Our Courses

The Victress Team

Who is

Dr. Lisa Marino

Who is

Erin Hazelbaker, MPT

Who is

Danielle Timple
Family Nurse

Who is

Tracy Poeppelman

Who is

Laura Prenger
Clinic Manager

Who is

Angie George
Occupational Therapist

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What is Our Goal?

Our Mission

To serve, promote, and advocate for the spiritual, physical, and mental health of families and healthcare professionals in order to serve God and the Church to the highest potential.

Our Vision

To be the international leader in transforming the spiritual, physical, and mental health of families in order to build strong communities of faith.

What’s in the name VICTRESS?

VICTRESS comes from the Blessed Mother’s title as Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt. Schoenstatt is a Marian devotion founded by Father Joseph Kentenich in Germany in 1914. Schoenstatt is now an international lay Catholic movement with even Pope Francis displaying her signature image on his nightstand. The title VICTRESS honors Mary’s victory over sin and the influence of the evil one by submitting completely to God’s Divine Providence. Mary as VICTRESS inspires us to rely on the Lord in our daily pursuits in order to conquer this world and live out the greatness to which God has called us. To find a Schoenstatt Shrine or group near you click here.

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We’re here for you when you need it most.

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