Mary’s Story – Mom of 5 Overcomes Thyroid Issues

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Emma’s Story- DII Volleyball Player Overcomes Shoulder Pain during Season

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London’s Testimony on Severe Foot and Heel Pain Relief during competitive soccer and basketball

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“I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after the first visit!”

Luke’s Testimony on Knee Injury Rehab

Dan’s Testimony on Elbow and Knee Pain- Back to Golf!

“I had stiffness and soreness in my elbow for a few months and it would not go away. I did not want to go to an orthopedic surgeon afraid they would want to do an injection or at worst a surgery. I tried therapy from a chiropractor with limited results. The chiropractor suggested physical therapy. I contacted Lisa Marino and set up a consult and she came up with a plan to follow that would stretch and strengthen the tendons/muscles around the elbow. I did not have the knowledge of what stretching and exercises to follow that would cure my tendinitis and she reassured me that what she had planned would work. It was good to meet once a week to evaluate my progress and she reassured that if I followed the plan my tendinitis would go away and it did! Lisa also worked with me in strengthening and stretching the muscles around my knee to avoid future injury to my knee. These exercises are very helpful going forward for me to stay healthy and pain free.”

– Dan, March 2018

“I am a firm believer in natural medicine and a natural route to heal our bodies. Each pregnancy I struggle heavily with sciatic nerve pain, pelvic pain, and sacrum pain. It all goes away as soon as I have the baby. But it’s frustrating to have my body not keep up with me and my young children. In past pregnancies I have resorted to once a week chiropractic care and at least once a month massages to help relieve the pain and continue to be able to walk. Thanks to Lisa, this pregnancy I have made it over half way and been able keep my same pre-pregnancy routine of only once a month chiropractic care. She has been helping me for only about 10 to 15 min a week but it makes all the difference. She gives me exercises and stretches to try on my own when I’ve hit my limit in pain. She shows me what I can do from my own home and always finds the problem from a quick evaluation. I am so thankful she suggested helping me. I always thought that physical therapy was for seriously injured people transitioning from the hospital to their home or the elderly who needed extra care moving around after a stroke or long illness. I had no idea physical therapy could help me. I figured if the chiropractor couldn’t fix it, it just was a cross I needed to bear, but not anymore. I’m learning physical therapy is for all of us! Thank you, Lisa, for your help! I know she can help you, too. No matter what the restriction, physical therapy is for all of us.”

– Melissa, Mom of 4, January 2018

Melissa’s Testimony on Low Back Pain and Sacroiliac Pain Relief during Pregnancy

Maria’s Testimony on Returning to Golf after Humerus Fracture

“Thanks for your help, Lisa Marino! I can now take a full swing with no problems, something that after breaking my arm last July, I didn’t think I would be able to do without pain. I’m excited for this spring and summer to get back out on the course. The only thing golfers will have to watch out for, is more yelling fore!”

– Maria, March 2019