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Direct Primary Care offers a host of health benefits, but employers have a unique opportunity to realize substantial financial savings as well. Particularly when paired with a self-insured or level-insured solution, we have found consistent and substantial savings for employers of all sizes even as employee satisfaction with benefits consistently and dramatically improves.

Why Direct Primary Care?

How Direct Primary Care Works

Direct primary care provides high-quality care for a low membership fee. The idea is simple: the employer pays a small, monthly membership fee in exchange for direct, unlimited access to our providers, as well as a variety of membership benefits, treatments, and discounted services and labs.


  • Little to no wait times
  • Improved attendance at work and less missed work time
  • Easy access to the providers via email, messaging, and phone
  • More active engagement in preventative medicine
  • Limited size of patient panel, eliminating hassles with insurance
  • More time with the providers (often 30 minutes or more) to address the whole person
  • No hidden costs or unexpected bills
  • Physical, occupational, and psychotherapy in-house

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Financial Implications

Several Direct Primary Care practices have produced the following results:

Savings of $1400- 2500 per employee!
38% reduction in overall company healthcare spending
60% reduction in hospitalizations
73% of employees report significant improvement in overall health
95% employee satisfaction with direct primary care
82% fewer surgeries
66% fewer specialist visits



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